Surftone Phone Company Lies to get you to switch

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Surftone Phone company called me and said they were granted government permission to offer wholesale rates to small businesses with less than 8 lines.I have one for credit cards and one for daily business.

The gentleman asked what I currently paid. He laughed and said I will never pay over $52.00 a month and they would cover any cancel fees from my current company and there was no contract. I got my first bill and they had "misquoted" me. The bill was more than the previous carrier.

Then when I faxed my cancellation fee, they wanted a contract. So, because all of their lies, I switched back to my former company. I Paid the cancel fee, a $55.00 reconnect fee, and 2 months advance payments. Plus I still have an outstanding bill with Surftone!

Thank You so much Surftone!!!

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They call me everday, and once you ask for more information, phone number, or web address they hang up.This is a total scam, any legit business who wont give you there phone number or web address has alot to hide.

This is the only business that doesnt like free advertising or self promotion ? SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM ! !



I received a similar call from a Surftone sales person claiming that they have an "agreement" with Verizon and are authorized to offer low "wholesale" rates to small businesses. There are many comments on the web by irate consumers characterizing Surftone as a scam operation, and many stories of people finding their bills to be higher than claimed, etc.

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